Here is my photo album from my 2018 Epic Road Trip, aka #tourdeleisa. Many of these were originally posted on my McCord Works Instagram account, which pushed to McCord Works Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

These are posted approximately east to west. Some places I went to twice (like the Petrified Forest) but location order seems more important than chronological order. The exception to this is Santa Fe NM, which is at the end. For reasons.

Route 66: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona

Petrified Forest, Arizona

Petrified Forest panoramic

Petrified Forest panoramic

Petrified Forest panoramic

Petrified Forest panoramic

Petrified Forest panoramic – I tried to get a 270° view on this one

Petrified Forest panoramic – I tried to get a 270° view on this one

Raven video 13 sec
Train video 19 sec

Sedona, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon vertigo-inducing video 19 sec

Arizona and Utah

This is an unfortunately small gallery. I drove from the Grand Canyon to Twin Falls, Idaho, in a day. I saw amazing sights, but I couldn’t pull over and take photos all day! It was very strange to see the full moon come out from behind a mountain in complete darkness.

Oregon east of Portland

Touring the Pendleton Woolen Mills was great fun for this fiber artist! After the photo gallery is the only longish video, a compilation of the carding, spinning and weaving machinery.

Pendleton Woolen Mills video 42 sec
Multnomah Falls video 8 sec

Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon

International Rose Test Garden, Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, not gardens

Portland is adorable. I spent my time enjoying it instead of shooting it.

Whidbey Island, Washington

California Coast and Redwoods

This was an amazing day, driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. Again, I didn’t stop to take lots of photos of giant redwoods, but I definitely need to plan a return trip.

Chandelier Tree video 12 sec
California Beach video 10 sec
California Coast video 11 sec

Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Meow Wolf was really cool. Definitely worth a return trip!

Meow Wolf video 21 sec


5657 miles!

5657 miles!


Bonus photo

This is not a nail or a screw. It is an Allen wrench, and I have no idea how only the end is showing, while there is at least one 90° bend inside the tire. I actually drove on this all the way down the twisty Pacific Coast Highway, and only got my tires replaced once I got back to Texas, in Amarillo.

Allen wrench

Allen wrench


Leisa’s Epic Road Trip 2018 — 2 Comments

  1. My favorite was the Japanese Garden in Portland. So beautiful. Of course, lots of beautiful things were seen by the heart and not necessarily with the camera. A beautiful memory for a lifetime.

  2. GOOD,COOL,GREAT TRIP. I AM ENVIOUS. I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU GOT TO TAKE THAT TRIP. Some really cool pictures, especially the panthers and the Cushmans.

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